Silver Brazing Alloys

ProductCompositionStandardsMelting RangeData Sheet
Ag%Cu% Zn%Cd% OthersAWSDINSolidus ˚CLiquidus ˚C
TW-2525352020BAg-27L-Ag25Cd 605745Download PDF
TW-3030272320BAg-2aL-Ag30Cd 607710Download PDF
TW-3535262118 BAg-2L-Ag34Cd 607702Download PDF
TW-35CF353233BAg-35L-Ag34 682732Download PDF
TW-4545151624BAg-1L-Ag45Cd 607618Download PDF
TW-505015.516.518BAg-1aL-Ag50Cd 627635Download PDF
TW-56CF56225SnBAg-7L-Ag55Sn 618652Download PDF
Round rods: 1/16″ —> 1/8″ (1,6 —> 3,2 mm)

Silver brazing alloys are used for joining steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, and precious metals and precious metal alloys. They are used in the manufacturing and assembly of cooling, air conditioning and heating equipment, electric motors, electrical contacts, the installation of copper pipes, heat exchangers, among other uses.

Please contact us should you require alloys of a specific composition.

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