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ProductCompositionStandardsMelting Range Data Sheet
Cu% Zn% Sn%Si%OthersAWSSolidus ˚CLiquidus ˚C
TB-606039,70,3890900Download PDF
TB-60B583910.25MnRBCuZn-B882982Download PDF
0.5FeDownload PDF
TB-60C5839,50,80,2RBCuZn-C910954Download PDF
TB-854841,90,110 NiRBCuZn-D938982Download PDF
Round rods 1/16″ —> 1/4″ (1,6 —> 6,0 mm)

These brazing alloys are used primarily to join copper and its alloys, steels, cast iron, nickel and its alloys.

They are characterized by their relatively high brazing temperatures, so it is important to avoid overheating during the brazing process to avoid loss of zinc in the form of oxides; such a loss may originate porosities in the brazed joints.